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Best album

The CF started out as Abscess with founding members Jim Bragde, P Svensson, Harsto & Ribban
Due to their psychedelic rock ambition they changed their name to The Celophane Flower. Singer,Guitarist & drummer Andy Hansson joined.
1993-1998 Released 4 CDīs with original material recorded on a portable 4-channal studio
Andy & Jim joins psychobilly band The Halo FlamminīBand which releases the album "Shake it baby, yeah cīmon"
Andy, Jim & P releases the more acoustic sounding mini-cd "Thoroughly alright and decent fellows"
Releases their highly critically acclaimed album "Too good to be famous" joined by Davy Wickstroem (guitar & drums)
Contributes to a split 7" tribute to the magnificent "Union Carbide Productions and plays at swedish festival Arvikafestivalen"
Entertains train hostesses & custom employees on the transibirian railroad. Plays small bars in southern China. Came 2 in a best live performance competition in Nimbin, Australia.
Starts recording what would prove to be "Their best album so far"
Artistic nudes, a collection of artistic nudity
[nude in Vemdalen] [nude in Longsheng] [nude in Melbourne]
[nude in Beijing] [nude in Karlstad] more to come..
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