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The Celophane Flower "In Their Best Album So Far..." (Flower Productions 2006)

Reviewer: Sian Claire Owen

Date review added: Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Reviewers Rating 7 out of 10

They might dress a bit like Lincoln Park, but Celophane Flower's music is a damn sight better...

This album, "In Their Best Album So Far" has powerful sedative properties. Not because it is boring, far from it. The sense of space and distance that the Celophane Flower have created induces a soporific effect which is so potent, it probably has the potential to replace the use of general anaesthetic during surgery. It is lovely, rich, and slow - with a waltzing fuzziness reminiscent of Mazy Star, ethereal harmonies, and a general subdued sense of the epic.

Most of the songs are great, although the one track which would make your cringe your own head inside-out is "Now That I've Found Myself", which sounds ok, but scores a whopping 9.2 on the Richter Scale of Self Pity: "Now that I've found myself/ I'm looking for someone else/ I've realised how lonely I am in this world..." Nyarrrr. Meh. Shudder. Saying that, tracks such as the joyous "Oh brother" (which has some wicked flute action going on), and "Time of My Life" more than make up for the minor blip.

"In Their Best Album So Far" is decent, the songs merge into one after a while, and its certainly not a collection of tracks that one would make out to (not that this, in any way, is a prerequisite for a top tune) - mainly because at least one person involved would probably nod off mid-way through. All in all though, it's very lovely and relaxing. Yummy.