Review in Indie Spinzone Jan 2003

The Celophane Flower
Too Good To Be Famous
Flower Productions, 2002.

Celophane Flower - "Too Good To Be Famous" This was sent to me from Sweden, so I have to assume this is a Swedish band and although it appears they have put out a few records already I had not heard of them. This thing has thrown me a bit because the styles presented on it are varied, and I'm not sure it all mixes well together. Songs like Roots Gone is a good song and sounds like an a-typical swedish alternative band song. But on track 4 Billy Jim Bob's Blues it sounds exactly like, umm.. what it sounds like it would. Hicksville. I have spent so much time slagging the sixties I forgot to mention I have little tolerance for country and western. The "chart" variety is just boring because it all sounds the same, and the bluegrass roots rock type I abhor. This song is the latter. This may all be due to the fact 3 different people are writing songs for this band. The track Loved Alone, while it has a country feel, I find I like as it is mixed in a pop vein. In fact it seems the tracks I do like were all written by Par Svensson and sadly he only wrote 2 of them. Otherwise this band demonstrates a southern blues rock vibe which I am not partial to at all. So if you like varied records which plumb southern rock bands then I would look this up. I however will stay above the mason-dixon line. In any event that makes this an odd bird indeed flying in from Sweden on the wings of this musical style.
Label ~ Flower Productions, 14 Tracks, 2002

Hip-ometer Rating ~ 6.3