The Celophane Flower

In: Their best album so far

Canīt qualify the title as Iīve not heard any of their other albums but this one falls into the alt.category - if anywhere. It is a multilayered bitter-sweet dreamscape that uses a variety of instruments and harmonic voices to create a soft focus mood. These instruments range from strings, a French horn, flute and one one track bagpipes as well as pedel steel over the more usual instrumentationall of which gives the Swedish quartet and guests, an unusual and individual sound. All the songs are sung in English and are written by band members Jim Bragde and Andy Hansson. They range from the delicate Oh Brother (nothing to do with the movie) songs like Time of my Life which continues the mood of subtle harmonies and sounds, to the gentle pedal steel led country rock of 2:am. Itīs fair to say that the overall direction of the album is all in that quieter mode of introspective reflection. All of which makes for a rewarding experience and a band on the fringes, who will reward the attentive listener.

Lonesome Highway 2006