The Celophane Flower

In: Their best album so far

Sweden`s Celophane Flower have been crafting an eclectic mix of folk-pop, alt. country and moody indie-rock for well over a decade. In: Their Best Album So Far is full of sweeping, melancholic tunes, rich with beautiful harmonies and a stony vibe. There are terrific soundscapes both organic and spaced out. And while there is a bit of nod and wink cast in the title, it follows suit given that some of their past releases have been called Too Good To Be Famous, Thoroughly Alright And Decent Fellows, and The Greatest. But remove the some of the carefree whimsy that encapsulate the band`s image (the phony band bios on the inside are amusing) and discover that this is pretty moving stuff. --

Robinson, Miles Of Music (Flower Productions)