Review in Music Emissions Feb 2003

The Celophane Flower – Too Good To Be Famous


The Celophane Flower is a band from Sweden. Before you start off on “Oh, another hard rock band from Sweden. Enough already.”

Let me caution you in saying that The Celophane Flower is not like the rest of the Swedish bands invading North America. In fact, I don’t even think that that is what this band wants. They have been around for a number of years now putting out their understated pop music in Sweden and it seems like they are fairly big there too.

Their music is a bit of hodge-podge of styles but for the most part they remind me of the Tindersticks. They have a bit of a roots feel to them but are really big on injecting pop harmonies throughout the album.

They seem to switch up vocalists quite often which adds quite a variety of styles to the album. “Betrayal” is like a bedtime confessional where someone is declaring what they have had done wrong to them. “Billy Jim Bob’s Blues” is an attempt at No Depression style music. “Loved Alone” is a spooky song with haunting vocals.

Too Good To Be Famous may just be too diverse to be big over here. It showcases some very fine musicianship though.

(indie 2002)

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